Why Writing?

It happens that when I introduce people to my blog, or share a post online, I get a message from them asking me “Oh, so you write?” (As if it wasn’t apparent enough) “What do you write about?” “How do you think of stuff to write about?” “Why writing?” and so on. The one I … More Why Writing?

Dreading Despair

Loneliness was hitting her hard today. There was nothing to be excited about anymore. Her life, the one that she had before the cruel fate snatched away everything she cherished, was gone. After getting her regular coffee from the cafeteria that inhabited the building her office was in, she hopped into the elevator, reminiscing about … More Dreading Despair

Helping and People

#RantAlert I have a hoard of complaints about stuff (one of them being Mumbai Local Railways), but for this post I will stick to this thing that annoys anyone and everyone: People! Well… when you compare human beings to something huge like Universe; we are basically a thing with a soul and some godly power … More Helping and People

Learn online!

What do you do during holidays? Most of you would probably say, watching TV series, checking out YouTube videos, going out to new places or the best one: Sleeping! I do most of these as well, but there’s another thing that I love doing (Besides reading of course) Watching videos on learning sites. Seriously, few … More Learn online!


Why the name NoveloRandom? (Post imported from my Blogger account) I already have a blog on WordPress, and though I don’t write as frequently as I should, it is still my official blog site. During my vacation, I enrolled for an online Digital Marketing Programme where the instructor was talking about Google Analytics and how … More NoveloRandom


Stop? Did I just tell you to stop? Haha yes. Just for a few minutes though. I want you to read this post. It was written for me, by me to keep myself motivated. So, my TYBCOM exams ended last week and I found myself worrying about my future. I wondered and I still wonder … More STOP!